It's time to fight back against this hostile takeover of government
pretenting to be an infrastructure bill

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Message from Dr. Kawa

An Infrastructure Bill That's Only 6% Roads & Bridges

Joe Biden is trying to take $2.3 trillion of our money to fund the fantasies of lobbyists. This bill is nothing more than a list of pet projects, social programs, new bureaucracies, new taxes, the green new deal, and forced unionization disguised as "infrastructure".

Even worse is that President Biden has hundreds of billions of dollars leftover from previous spending bills that he could use to fix our actual infrastructure of roads, highways, and bridges, not to create new bureaucracies such as the Office of Domestic Industry ($50 billion). If all we needed was a government agency to fix a problem then we would have solved education, homelessness, world peace, and many other problems a long time ago.

Just Say No To Joe!

Reject this bill by sending a message to all of your elected officials.

Join Dr. Kawa and reject this alleged “infrastructure” bill which is hardly anything but. Below you will find an easy to use webform that will send a message to all of your elected officials about this $2.3 trillion waste of our money.

Copy and paste the message below:

It's time to "Just Say No" to this wasteful infrastructure spending bill. Congress should use unallocated monies from previous spending bills first before spending any new money on infrastructure. We the voters refused to be ignored any longer. If you vote for this bill, I will vote you out of office.